Walk The Tube

Do you want to say you’ve been to every Tube Station in London?

If the answer is yes just send an email to tube@walkthetube.com with the subject of Walk The Tube 2019. I am looking for around 20 – 25 people to take part in this. If more than this email wanting to take part then names will be randomly selected. You must be over 18, primarily for booking a hotel. You will need to bring food and drink as they will not be time planned to get these. A late running train may allow you a few minutes to use on platform shops.


This will be taking place on Friday 21st June 2019. You’ll then have the weekend to recover. You will be given the route if you are selected to take part. The aim is to get to all the stations in around 20 or 21 hours, starting at around 5AM.

On The Day

You will need to buy a zone 1-9 travel card. These cost just under £25. Doing it by contactless is not an option as these time our after 90 minutes and you will be automatically charged the maximum fare.

You will have to get your own way to the starting station and back again from the finishing station. You will be sent these 2 stations if you are chosen to take part.